Together we sing.
We all do our part
to make those chords ring.
Up on the stage
we each have our places,
But when our songs are all sung,
we have many faces.
Teachers, nurses,
scientists, mothers.
Each of our lives is quite
different from the others.
No group of ladies
will you find so diverse.
Still, we find common ground
when we perform and rehearse.
Coming together to sing you a song
is what we love best
when the day has been long.
The music and friendship
we all hold so dear
Cleanses our souls
and soothes all our fears.
In a world ever changing,
the future unknown
when we gather as one,
we feel we’ve come home.
So if you’re looking for respite
from all of life’s havoc.
Repose in some music
with Millennium Magic
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