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Ms Beth Tedoldi Paul

Member, Bass

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  • Beth Tedoldi Paul

    I have been a Sweet Adeline since 1994.  In those 30 years I have been extremely fortunate to have been a medalist in every chorus contest I have ever competed!!  I have sung in 2 different choruses, Sound of New England and Millennium Magic.  Oh and a small dual member for a short time with my sisters at Farmington Valley Chorus. 

    I started quarteting 3 months after joining Sweet Adeline’s and have continued it for 27 of my 30 years.  I am a true believe that singing in a quartet makes you better and I’m very fortunate to have sung with some amazing women!   They have all helped me grow into the vocalist and performer I am today.

    I live in Agawam, Massachusetts with our two boys Ethan and Brady and our dog Bella.                     

    Being apart of Millennium Magic is a dream come true on so many levels!  I am a contributing member of MANY of our teams, as well as the organizer of many other “odd “jobs. 

    Millennium Magic works by consensus and by team method on most fronts…not always an easy process but worth it!  There is nothing more satisfying then get everyone’s input and then seeing the fantastic, creative and inspiring idea’s that can be created.

    We are STILL learning after 24+ years together and still focusing on Communication and Honesty in all things…again not always easy!!  So far these things have brought us great success and I am looking forward to MORE of this wonderful Journey.

    “Attitudes are contagious…is yours worth catching?”